More than a migrant: Arya’s journey

“Bombs focused on areas with lots of young people, like universities, working places, some coffee shops. The Taliban focused on young people. Many, many young guys died during these suicide attacks,” said Arya.

“When we go to the police, they send us to fight with Daesh — they kill us. When we go to our job, we don’t know if we can come back home alive or not, we don’t know. When we go with the Taliban, the government, police kill us. When we go to Daesh, the international police kill us. What should we do?”

Arya’s photos from Slovenia in the winter (left) and inside a Bosnian migrant camp where he stayed for 5 months in very poor conditions (right)
Arya captured this moment while crossing from Macedonia to Serbia
Arya shared this photo from his time spent at Porte de la Chapelle unofficial migrant camp in northern Paris

“If this country supports me, I want to study, and finish my studies and start working… I want to make a life here. If luck is with me, I can do that.”

“I want to believe in myself, but just for starting I need help.”



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