Arya’s journey: Behind the scenes

Snowfall in Paris, February 2019 © Amber Christino
Residents of Paris’s 16th district protest at the gym requisitioned by the city, January 2019 © Geneviève Faure

As the number of migrants and refugees worldwide continues to rise (and will undoubtedly worsen with climate change) we must start thinking about what solutions can be found and how far we are willing to go — as individuals, as neighborhoods, as cities, as countries — to accommodate them.

Gymnase Jean Bouin, January 2019 © Amber Christino

— only to be turned away by communities and officials who believe they should be someone else’s problem.

Lydia had messed with the wrong woman that day and soon I’d prove to her that I wouldn’t roll over that easily — not today, not ever. I was sure that my idea had value and I was determined to see it through.

Piggyback rides in the gym to get the heart pumping! February 2019 © Amber Christino
Team-building exercises and a breath of fresh air, March 2019 © Amber Christino
Clothes, shoes, hats and sports equipment donated by Crossfit Original Addicts members © Amber Christino
Arya presents his story to high schoolers in the 16th district, April 2019
Fast friends: Arya and Tom, September 2019 © Amber Christino

I was reminded that more than anything, what people really need is just a bit of humanity. A kind face, a little laughter and some team sports can actually go a long way when you don’t have much else.



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