A Thanksgiving reminder: from Afghanistan to Paris, and everywhere in-between

Arya and I, in our unlikely friendship, have somehow transcended all barriers — language, culture, religion, etc. — and developed a connection that stands strong despite his transfer to a migrant center more than 800 kilometers away from Paris.

Photo: © Nitr/Shutterstock

It’s easy to be generous when you have more than what you need to live a comfortable life. But it really takes a special person to be generous when your basic needs haven’t even been met.

But meeting Arya and experiencing his simple act of generosity reminded me that, above all, success to me means practicing kindness.

Photo: © Amber Christino



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Amber Christino

Amber Christino

Sharing stories of humanity, family and my journey working with marginalized groups. Hoping to help conquer xenophobia with radical compassion.